Cute Hoor

Added: 19/08/2023 23:49

Type : Ale

Country: Ireland Ireland



Glass Manufacturer:

Inscription: Where Mischief Flows

Nucleated : Yes

Volume: 568ML (PINT)

Stamped : M18

Year: 2018

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Cute hoor pint glass with interesting design, eyes and inscribed Where Mischief Flows


Elena Avatar

Elena - 2 months ago

hi it is avalible

Nick Rankin Avatar

Nick Rankin Administrator - 2 months ago

Sorry Elena, just have the one Nick

Morgan Avatar

Morgan - 2 months ago

Hi! Do you know where I might be able to purchase one of these to ship to the US? We bought one while visiting Cobh this year and I accidentally broke it. Iā€™m devastated. Would love any suggestions you might have! Thanks

Nick Rankin Avatar

Nick Rankin Administrator - 2 months ago

Hi Morgan, Sorry to hear the glass broke. I only have the one of these in my collection unfortunately. Shipping to US from Ireland wouldn't be cheap also. If you know anyone who will be going to Ireland soon it might be your best bet. You can get an idea of bars that serve Cute Hoor here: Sorry I can't be more help, Nick

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